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There are a number of areas the potential investor may investigate. These include for the most part adding value to raw or semi-processed material.

Siyathemba is an investor friendly Municipality able, and willing to negotiate with potential investors on all aspects of the project.

We will make available property, infrastructure and a commitment to growing the region and developing it to its maximum potential.

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Prieska Investment Opportunities
"Die Bos"

The SiyaThemba Municipality is actively seeking partners in a joint venture Public Private Partnership for the development of the area know as “Die Bos”.

This outstanding property is situated on the Southern Bank of the Orange River comprising a total area of 41.112 hectare with 2100 meter of North facing river frontage. This area includes an Island of 4.7741 hectare.

The Municipal vision is for a multifunctional resort; incorporating, various water sport facilities, conference and catering facilities, accommodation in luxury self catering and catered chalets, Caravan (motor home) and camping facilities. The existing 9 hole (18 tee’s) golf course adjoining the property is keen and willing to enter into the joint venture thus expanding the overall size of the operation significantly.

Water is abundant while infrastructure development will be part of the public aspect of the partnership. Within the confines of the property is an Olympic swimming pool in need of renovation but fundamentally sound, tennis courts, a number of small chalets and ablution facilities presently operated by a concessionaire.

Taking into account the abundant sunshine and high temperatures this area experiences and the location, adjoining the town within the city limits and less than 1 km from the town center this location is unique in Southern Africa. Access to Prieska is excellent in terms of road while chartered air traffic may make use of the local airstrip. Scheduled flights may be made to either Kimberley or Upington almost equidistant from Prieska.

SiyaThemba Municipality is prepared to entertain proposals with regard to this outstanding investment opportunity.

Contact the Municipal Manager for further information.

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Marydale Investment Opportunities
Cotton Milling

The expansion of cotton farming along the banks of the Orange River has lead to a requirement for additional processing beyond the existing ginning and bailing plant already established.

This is without doubt a growth area with high potential returns for the investor.

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Niekerkshoop Investment Opportunities
Semi Precious Stone Processing

The whole of the SiyaThemba area is rich in semi-precious stones. The famed “tigers eye” being but one of many gems mined in the region.

Presently the following are mined and exported:

• Blue Tigers eye
• Yellow Tigers eye
• Many forms of Jasper
• Rose Quartz

An opportunity exists for adding value to the raw material and shipping out process products of high quality.

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General Investment Opportunities

A detailed feasibility study is well underway for the establishment of a tannery within the SiyaThemba Municipal area. The initial research indicated this would be an excellent investment. The vision is for a Public, Private Participation project with the Municipality providing a significant component in terms of property, infrastructure and via higher tiers of Government the possibility of capital participation.

Availability of hides within the target area exceeds:

• 200,000 sheep
• 2500 Springbok
• 300 Other game species

SiyaThemba Municipality is very keen to establish this facility and is actively seeking proposals in this regard. For further information please contact the Municipal Manager.

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