I have been working with the Siyathemba team for the past ±12 years, I can still remember when Sonette and her team started in the old Swissport Canteen on the Charlie apron side. In this past 12 years we as company NAS Colossal Aviation previously under the name Bidair Services used the only the best and are still the best Catering company that does our catering for all our meetings, functions, and meals for our staff during Industrial action, and for our staff who are working overtime.
Sonette, Noel and the Siyatemba team are always professional and only provide the best service even on short notice, they are always ready to assist where they can even if they need to prepare 300 meals at a time, the preparation of the food is of the best quality.

Our clients normally ask provide the meals for Nas Colossal, and I am proud to say that it is Siyathemba catering.

They are not only the Best Catering Company they are also working as a team and as a family.

I will always recommend Sonette, Noel and the Siyathemba team for any Catering assistance.