Our story

When we opened a modest cafeteria at the Freight Agents Building in 2008, struggling financially and even buying a stove at Makro on a 6 months budget, would we have ever realized the plan that God had for us

Attending a motivational event headlined by Joyce Meyer served as a catalyst for my decision to embark on a remarkable endeavour: Preparing meals for children. At that stage, the feasibility of this undertaking seemed uncertain. However, soon thereafter, an opportunity materialized when we presented a proposal to Airlink, resulting in the acquisition of a contract to provide business class meals for them. Initially, we started with a modest quota of 30 meals per day. This collaboration not only allowed us to extend our support to the Boksburg community but also fostered a fruitful relationship with Airlink, which played a significant role in our ongoing transformation.

Presently, our operations have expanded to an impressive scale, with us preparing over 8,500 meals per day exclusively for Airlink.



I feel blessed

To be able to show my passion and love for food on a plate, but what I’m more grateful for is that we strive consistently to make a difference in our community. We are humbled to be able to have feeding schemes, empowering children to obtain an education, uplifting our staff and sending a message of hope and gratitude.



None of this

Every single meal we prepare is made with love and all our staff play a vital role in this company. We all strive to appreciate what we have and not to take anything for granted.

Sonette Joubert

Founder of Siyathemba

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